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dir ..
dir 23K256_SRAM_Interface
dir Amicus18 - FAT Read-Write
dir Amicus18_BlueTooth
dir Amicus18_Memory Reader Code
dir Amicus18_Nokia_GLCD
dir Amicus18_PID
dir Amicus18_Simple_SID
dir Amicus_BlueTooth
dir Amicus_DHCP Demo
dir Amicus_FAT16_Read
dir Amicus_FFT_8_Bit
dir Amicus_ILI9320_LCD
dir Amicus_PBP_SD Read Write 3
dir Amicus_SD_Card
dir Amicus_Smartcard_Shield
dir Arduino_WaveShield
dir AT Interface Demo
dir Buffered Software Serial UART
dir Delphi_Amicus18_SerialPort
dir Game of Life
dir Gameboy_Camera
dir GameBoy_Camera_Interface
dir GPS_Shield
dir Graphic LCD Meter
dir GSM_Shield_Demo
dir Hbusin Replacement Code
dir HPWM_Macros
dir I2C eeprom
dir ILI9320
dir ILI9320_LCD
dir Interrupt Manager
dir Interrupt_Manager
dir KS0713 Graphic LCD
dir KS0713_Graphic_LCD
dir LED_Matrix_Shield
dir MCP3201_ADC
dir MCP3204
dir Memory Reader Code
dir Midi_Play
dir MMA7260 Accelerometer
dir MMA7260_Accelerometer
dir Mplab_PICkit2
dir MpLab_Test
dir Nokia_3310_Amicus
dir Nokia_GLCD
dir picture_library
dir PID
dir Port Expansion
dir PPrint
dir Real_Random
dir Really_Random
dir Scale_Demo
dir SD_Card
dir Servo_X8
dir Seven Segment Experiments
dir Simple_SID
dir Smartcard_Shield
dir SOR_Scope
dir SoundChip
dir SPI Buffered Slave
dir SPI Port Expansion
dir SPI_Master_Slave_Demo
dir SST25VF016_Flash_RAM
dir SST25VF064_Flash_RAM
dir Sure2416 Display Board
dir Sure_2416_Display_Code
dir True_Random
dir uALFAT
dir Wav File Player
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