• Amicus18 IDE

    The Proton Amicus18 IDE is a professional and powerful visual Integrated Development Environment (IDE) designed specifically for the Proton Amicus18 compiler. It is designed to accelerate product development in a comfortable user friendly environment without compromising performance, flexibility or control.
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    File Menu

    Creates a new document. A header is automatically generated, showing information such as author, copyright and date. To toggle this feature on or off, or edit the header properties, you should select editor options.

    Displays a open dialog box, enabling you to load a document into the Proton Amicus18 IDE. If the document is already open, then the document is made the active editor page.

    Saves a document to disk. This button is normally disabled unless the document has been changed. If the document is 'untitled', a save as dialog is invoked. A save as dialog is also invoked if the document you are trying to save is marked as read only.

    There’s a free compiler specially adapted for the Amicus18 development platform, based upon Crownhill's Proton BASIC compiler.

    The compiler has no restrictions or time limits and is fully functional. It can be downloaded from HERE
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