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    In todays post I'll try to cover the basic input and output routines I use to communicate with the W5100.

    The W5100 can communicate with the main controller either over a parallel data bus featuring 14 adress lines, 8 data lines and a couple of control lines or it can use a serial interface, SPI. On the Ethernet shield the W5100 is setup to use the SPI interface which is fortunate because we simply don't have enough I/O lines on the AMICUS18.

    Every transaction to and from the W5100, when using SPI, requires 4 bytes. First an OP code telling the W5100 if we're doing a read or a write operation, then two bytes containing the adress we are writing or reading and finally the actual data. When writing to the W5100 WE put the data in the forth byte, when reading from the W5100 IT puts the ...

    I don't know what the "best" way to aproach this actually is. I don't think me posting hundreds or thousands of lines of code is going to actually help others that much and I don't think I'll get much out of it either.

    Instead I think I'll post snippets and routines, explaining what they do (or at least intend to do) and why. This way I think it's easier to tag along, one step at the time and, which is important, we can discuss suggestions on improvements and alternative ways of doing the same thing. In the end we will hopefully have a set of routines which can be used to build a working application.
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    by HenrikOlsson originally published on the PBP forum
    With this post I hope to spark the interest in what could develop into a joint forum project. The purpose of the project is to get the Arduino Ethernet shield working with the AMICUS18 board and, of course PBP.

    Unfortunately the Ethernet shield isn't very directly compatible with the AMICUS18. The reason for this is that ...