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Thread: Nice project by Bruce Reynolds

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    Default Nice project by Bruce Reynolds

    Bruce Reynolds, the name behind Rentron , has posted a nice article in the projecs area.
    Using melabs PICŪ BASIC PICBASIC Pro compiler he has created a labour saving solution for Controlling his lawn sprinkler system from his PC. Take a look

    Thanks for your contribution Bruce, we look forward to seeing more of your code examples and projects.

    Amicus is a truly language agnostic platform!!!

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    Default Interesting but bootloader is different

    I did like Bruce's article and he comments that he replaced the Amicus bootloader with the tiny bootloader. Problem is that bootloader doesn't directly work with the 18F25k20. Based on what I've read about that bootloader, you have to tweak it a bit to get it to work with the 18F25k20.
    Not sure how he did that.

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    The Amicus boot-loader IS the tiny bootloader. I just made a few modifications to best suit my own needs with different config options.

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